Baby Learn Online Applications are all about enjoying life as a youth, and learning in the process; for that reason, we looked to provide a user experience that is free of intrusion and an overall beneficial experience. To maintain that mission, we as a company early on in the development process decided to not partner with Advertising Networks in favor of the best user experience possible; free of pop ups, no bothersome Ad bars crowding precious screen space, and defiantly no clickable links that lead users to unknown websites or Online stores. With that being said Developers use Ad Networks to monetize their Applications so that they can provide free content all while keeping the lights on.


We decided to reinvent the wheel and create a way within some of our applications that advertisers could get in front of our great customers and get their message or product across; all while maintaining an efficient and desirable user experience. We came up with, “In Play Advertisement”.



In Play Advertisement is the process of building an Advertisers message, product, or service into an Application’s overall experience allowing the users to experience an Advertisement instead of it being forced upon. The benefits of In Play Advertisement are plenty, but the main idea is to not subtract from the users experience all while still being able to get your message across in the most beneficial way.



With In Play Advertisement being a proprietary concept of Baby Learn Online we work closely with Advertisers to design the best way to promote within our Applications. Look at our example, The Sky Play App which is enjoyed by many of our young customers has a new object appearing in the sky after updating the application. The soda can is from a company promoting their newest flavor of unsweetened cola. Users can move the can around the screen like the other fun object in Sky Play, it even has a sound effect that sounds a small message; “Jam Cola is great!”. This is just a small example of the many possibilities of Advertising with Baby Learn Online; please contact us so that we can discuss a new fun and innovative way of getting your message across.



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In Play Advertisement